For a good
morning -
each and every morning!

We have been ensuring good sleeping for 70 years.

We are providing the basis for a restful night’s sleep for our renowned customers from the furniture trade. The fibreglass-reinforced spring slats optimise every mattress and, with their elasticity adapted to the weight and body area, they ensure an optimal spine position when lying down.

Our spring frames make turning over at night easier, thanks to a completely flat lying area. Interested? Then just keep on reading!


Perflexion is individual and simple – and follows the latest recommendations of the ,Stiftung Warentest’ consumer organisation. Perflexion is variable and expandable. The slats can be used for fixed and adjustable frames and various frame widths.

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Working at Schultz

Harmonise work, family and health! As part of the OKE Group of Companies, we offer many opportunities for your career entry, career change or new prospects here in Hörstel, but also at other locations. Find out more about OKE as an employer here.

Fibreglass core

slat technology

The slat technology follows research results on lightweight construction in the automotive industry. The fibreglass core is encased in a carrier material. Perflexion thus combines properties with Goodside technology that were previously considered incompatible: the slats are particularly light, flexible, extremely robust, long-lasting and hygienic all at the same time – and suitable for all types of mattresses.

Efficient products

Our unique slats and caps ensure cost savings through very simple assembly. Many system components can be mounted without tools, and even repositioning the slats of different firmness at home is easily done with many of our frames.


All products are developed at our headquarters and examined for ergonomics, elasticity and durability in our own test laboratory. Continuous controls also take place at material level. We guarantee quality and promise 25 years of the best spring comfort.

Customised products

We supply major retail chains worldwide. Depending on the customer’s wishes, our slats are used for fixed and adjustable frames, for various frame widths and materials, and are also sometimes redesigned as special editions. We even offer electric and app-controlled adjustment mechanisms.

Our network

OKE has 12 locations worldwide, five of them in Germany and seven in other European countries. In addition, there is a network of wholesalers and service points. With OKE we have been exploiting the Group of Companies’ many synergies, such as the interaction of technologies, the special-purpose machine engineering and logistical advantages. In addition, central administrative units are based in the holding company. We are where our customers are, developing new products, brands and campaigns for stationary trade and e-commerce together with them.