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We have been providing good sleep for 70 years.

With the foundation in 1948, Harald Schultz started his trade in mattresses and textile articles. His son set new priorities as of the late 1990s and developed the company into an expert for slatted frames. In 2006, the business was taken over by son-in-law Christoph König, who heads the company today. He focuses on the development and research of new sleep systems. An important milestone was the development of the first fiberglass reinforced slatted frame system in 2009, which has been continuously optimized ever since. With this project, Schultz Schlafkultur has become a pioneer in the use of new materials for suspensions!
Schultz Schlafkultur has been part of the OKE Group in Hörstel since 2017.



  • Prepared for the future

    Prepared for the future